Email Performance Rules

The Argent Email Performance Rules monitor the email sending and receiving capabilities of a SMTP/POP3 application and test round-trip email performance. The performance data is saved for trend analysis using the Argent Predictor.

A round-trip email is a synthetic email message generated by Argent. Then Argent sends the email to the sending account (i.e. to itself) and times the entire process.

Subject, Attachment, Message

These are the three common fields used to simulate any type of email message.

Check For New Incoming Mail Every X Seconds

This is the number of seconds to wait before checking for incoming email.

Alert If Total Round Trip Time Exceeds X Minutes X Seconds

This is the limit in seconds for an email to be sent and re-read back. If this number of seconds is exceeded, the Rule is broken and an Alert will be fired by the Argent Console.

Retain Email Message In User’s Mailbox

Check this option to retain email messages in the user’s mailbox — typically used for troubleshooting purposes, or to retain a record of each test.

Note: These rules are applied to objects defined within the Master Catalog as Internet Mail Objects.