Web Site Reliability Rules

The Argent Web Site Reliability Rules check EVERY hyperlink within a website. This feature goes through a website checking for broken links, missing images, etc.

You can adjust the depth of the scan by setting the two control variables below:

Control Variable 1: The Maximum Number Of Levels To Traverse

Set the number of levels to be monitored in the website.

Each level of a web site is define by a unique URL.


http://www.Argent.com/ and http://www.Argent.com/contact/ are 2 unique levels

Control Variable 2: The Maximum Number Of Pages To Process

Set the maximum number of pages to monitor.

Use 9999 if there is no limit to the number of pages to monitor.

Follow Offsite Links

Check this box to monitor response to offsite links.

Check Multimedia Files

Use this option to check multimedia files in the specified URL.

Cancel Downloading If Broken Link Is Found

Check this option to cancel downloading if a broken link is found.

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