Argent Agent For iSeries Log File

The Argent Agent for iSeries stores information about the internal processing performed by the agent in a log file. The Argent Agent for iSeries log file is named LOG and resides in library ARGENT.

To view the log file, use the DSPPFM ARGENT/LOG *LAST command. A display similar to the following is shown:

You can use the <Page Up> and <Page Down> keys to scroll forward and backward through the log file.

In addition, you can use the F19=Left and F20=Right command keys to window left or right to view information not immediately visible on your terminal display session.

Job Audit Notifications

The Argent Agent for iSeries has the capability to interface directly with the iSeries operating system to provide notifications of job starts and ends. The Argent Data Consolidator can maintain a database of the iSeries job starts and ends. This capability is often used to provide a highly detailed audit log that helps Argent’s customers comply with Sarbanes-Oxley legislation.

Since not all customers need Job Audit Notifications, this capability is not automatically enabled when your software is first installed.

Enabling Job Audit Notifications Using STRJOBAUD

You can enable the job audit notification feature of the Argent Agent for iSeries by issuing the


command from a command line as shown below:

Upon successful completion of the STRJOBAUD command, an informational message is displayed on the bottom line of your terminal display session. The message will appear similar to the following:

Argent Agent for iSeries has been successfully configured for job auditing.


Although the STRJOBAUD command enables the Argent Agent for iSeries job audit notifications feature, this feature does not become active until the next time your iSeries subsystems that process work have been re-started. Since this is done by the iSeries operating system during an IPL, it is normally most convenient to issue the STRJOBAUD command prior to entering an outage window when the iSeries system can be re-IPL’ed. Alternatively, depending on your iSeries operational schedule, it may be more convenient to end and re-start each iSeries subsystem that processes work individually.

Make sure to consult with the system IT staff to help pick the optimal time to re-IPL the system or end and re-start each subsystem.

Once job audit notifications have been enabled using the STRJOBAUD command and have been activated by re-IPL’ing your iSeries system, Argent’s monitoring platform can begin to collect and store information about each time a job starts, ends, or is placed on a job queue. Extracts from this collected information can be an invaluable audit tool to monitor your iSeries processes over time.

The STRJOBAUD command is only needed one time to enable job audit notifications. The job audit notifications feature will remain active until you disable it as described in the next section.

Disabling Job Audit Notifications Using ENDJOBAUD

You can disable the job audit notification feature of the Argent Agent for iSeries by issuing the


command from a command line as shown below:

command from a command line as shown below:

The ENDJOBAUD command will respond with an informational message similar to the example shown below:

Argent Agent for iSeries job auditing has been successfully ended.

As with the STRJOBAUD command, the ENDJOBAUD command need only be issued once, if your IT management staff decides to discontinue use of this feature.