Argent Agent For iSeries Messages

The Argent Agent for iSeries generates messages about the progress and operation of the agent. These messages are sent to the message queue named defined in the agent configuration. When you first install and configure the agent, the name of this message queue will typically be *SYSOPR. This value is interpreted by the Argent Agent for iSeries as message queue QSYSOPR in library QSYS.

To view the messages generated by the Argent Agent for iSeries, use the following command:


An example of the resulting display is shown below:

Normal, informational messages are generated each time the Argent Agent for iSeries starts or ends. In addition, messages are generated when an unexpected or unusual condition occurs. This might be due to things like a unexpected disconnection by Argent’s monitoring processes due to a network or system failure, for example.

All messages generated by the Argent Agent for iSeries are clearly identifiable. All messages generated by the Argent Agent for iSeries have the three-letter prefix “AGT” and are stored in message file object ARGMSGF.

Whenever you use the DSPMSG command to view the contents of a message queue, the F1=Help key is available to display detailed information about the particular message. To use this feature of DSPMSG, simply position the display session cursor anywhere on the line desired and press F1=Help. A display similar to the following is shown:

Note that, in the above example, the message is clearly identifiable as a message generated by the Argent Agent for iSeries because it has the prefix “AGT” and the source of the message is clearly identified within the message text itself.