Special Library List Considerations

Throughout this document, there have been references to the ADDLIBLE ARGENT


Over time, many iSeries system administrators prefer making a permanent change to the system so as to avoid

these extra keystrokes. Once you have implemented the Argent Agent for iSeries and deployed

it in a production environment, you may want to consider making a permanent change to the system library list.

To do this, you will need to make two changes:

  • Change the QSYSLIBL system value to include library ARGENT.

  • Change the ARGENT job description object in library ARGENT so that it takes advantage of the first change.

Changing The QSYSLIBL System Value

You can change the QSYSLIBL system value by using the


command. The following display is shown:

Type Option 2 = Change to initiate the change. The following display is shown:

You can type the name of the ARGENT library on the first available line after the last one

on the display as highlighted above.

Once you have completed making the change, you can simply press <Enter>.

A confirmation message will be shown near the bottom of the terminal display session.

The message should appear similar to the example shown below:

System value QSYSLIBL changed from QSYS    QSYS2     QUSRSYS …

Press F3 = Exit to end the WRKSSYVAL


Changing The ARGENT Job Description

To make the companion change to the ARGENT job description in library ARGENT, simply issue the following command:


Special Issues For V5R2 And Earlier Releases

On V5R3M0, IBM began distributing many OS-level APIs in library QSYS.

These APIs are critical for the successful operation of the Argent Agent for iSeries.

Prior to V5R3M0, these APIs were distributed in library QGY.

Depending on the release level of your operating system, you may need to make a change to the

QSYSLIBL system value comparable to the change described in the previous section for library ARGENT.

If you are running V5R2 or an earlier release of the operating system, you can use the above guide to

adding ARGENT to the QSYSLIBL system value, making sure that library QGY is also part of the QSYSLIBL system value.

Depending on the system administrator’s policies, you also have the option of making a change to the

ARGENT job description in library ARGENT comparable to the change described above.

An example of an appropriate CHGJOBD command would be: