Available Functionality

The Argent Agent for iSeries collects and reports information about the parts of customers’ systems that need careful management. The Argent Agent for iSeries collects and reports:

  • General system status information such as percent CPU utilization and the system ASP utilization.

  • The performance characteristics of system memory pools

  • Allocation and utilization of system disk storage

  • Status of system network interfaces

  • Status of the subsystem configuration

  • Status and queue depth of system batch job queues

  • Information about jobs that are waiting for responses to intervention messages

  • Information about jobs that exceed CPU utilization policies

  • Information about the user currently signed on to the system

In addition, the Argent Agent provides ways for customers to receive alerts and notifications when an object or library has reached a critical size threshold, when a critical subsystem is inactive, when a message about a severe problem is generated… and so much more.