The Three Agent Processes

The Argent Agent for iSeries runs on customers’ systems as three processes:

  • The Monitor Daemon

  • The Listener

  • The Worker process that handles requests from the Argent’s monitoring engine

Each of these processes has a specialized role and has been developed to meet the highest standards of product quality, reliability, and security.

The Monitor Daemon

The Monitor Daemon is a “watchdog” process. It is responsible for making sure the Argent Agent for iSeries starts and runs properly. It checks continually to make sure that everything is running smoothly and that the other two processes are doing their jobs.

The Listener

The Listener process is responsible for managing the connections between the iSeries system and Argent’s monitoring engines. The Listener checks to make sure that only permitted connections are allowed to complete. It also makes sure that the TCP/IP addresses on all incoming XT monitor requests meet defined policy for access. When the Listener process detects a valid connection request from an Argent XT monitor, it hands off control to a Worker process.

The Worker

The Worker process is responsible for doing the “heavy lifting” to gather all the information needed by Argent’s monitoring engines. The Worker process packages up the data and returns it to the monitor for analysis. The Worker process stays connected to the Argent XT Monitor Engine for as long as needed.