KBI 220181 Excessive TCP Connections In Argent Job Scheduler




24 Jun 2003


Excessive number of NETSTAT connections between the Argent Job Scheduler – Scheduling Engine and the Argent Queue Engine servers even though there are no jobs running.

Technical Background

This is an issue with Windows NT and Windows 2000 failing to release connections from within the TCP stack.

The connections have been released by the Argent Job Scheduler, but it takes some time for the connection to show up as released within NETSTAT.

Ensure the client knows this is a function of Windows and not of the Argent Job Scheduler.


There is no additional resolution information with regard to this issue.

Windows NT and Windows 2000 can sometimes take several hours to release a TCP connection even though that connection has no traffic being transmitted over it and has been in a “TIME/WAIT” status for a long period of time.