KBI 220211 Unix Accounts In The Argent Job Scheduler




24 Feb 2004


This KBI article outlines how to properly configure account mapping for the Argent Job Scheduler and the Unix Queue Engines.

Technical Background

For informational purposes only.


When a user defines a Job Template in the Argent Job Scheduler or submits a job in Argent Queue Engine, they can specify the account to run the job using one of the following three options:

  • Using Queue Engine default account

  • Using account defined in job class

  • Using explicit account

No matter the option used, it eventually translates into a W200x/NT account.

When submitting a job to a Unix Queue Engine, the W200x/NT account must be translated into a Unix account.

The translation is defined in USERS.DAT file, which can be found in Argent directory.

When submitting a job through the Argent Job Scheduler, the file under its directory is used.

When submitting a job through the Argent Queue Engine, the file under its directory is used.

The account mapping for each server can have as many entries as are needed.

In this way, assigning jobs to different W200x/NT accounts are equivalent to assigning jobs to the mapped Unix accounts.