KBI 220370 Port Delta Range Settings


All Argent products 7.0A-0410 and later


2 Jun 2005


A Customer is experiencing engine lockups due to the Microsoft port bug.

Technical Background

When the monitoring/transfer engine recycles, the following information may be found in the engine log:

Tue May 31 07:46:29.156 NETMON Administrator A process on the machine is already bound to the same fully-qualified address

This indicates that the operating system has not yet released the TCP port (3190, in this case).

This causes the monitoring engine to become unusable, since it is unable to bind to its default port.


This can be addressed by setting the PORT_DELTA_RANGE registry key to an appropriate value, such as 5.

This permits the engine to bind to any of a range of 5 TCP ports should its default be unavailable.

Keep in mind that from version 8.0A-0504, the mother/daughter and backup engine capabilities mean that each product’s scheduling engine is occupying a port, as well.

The scheduling engine for the Argent Exchange Monitor, for example, listens on TCP port 3181.

Because of this, the monitoring engine will be unable to bind to port 3181, since it’s already in use on the main Argent server.

Therefore, Argent recommends PORT_DELTA_RANGE be set to no less than 5.


HKLM\Software\Argent\ArgentManagementConsole\PORT_DELTA_RANGE to the desired value, then restart the scheduling engine for the associated Argent product.

This causes the updated PORT_DELTA_RANGE value to be propagated to all Argent engines.

Stopping and starting all Argent services can also be used to perform this action for multiple products.

If the Customer has remote monitoring engines (which were installed with Setup.exe /REMOTE),

PORT_DELTA_RANGE must be manually set in the registry of the remote server.

For the Argent Exchange Monitor, for example, the registry key is located at: