KBI 220547 The Argent Job Scheduler-User Rights


Argent Job Scheduler – All Versions


18 January 2010


Local user rights needed for the Argent Job Scheduler and Argent Queue Engine service account.

Technical Background

The following local user rights are needed for the Argent Job Scheduler service account (the account which runs the Argent Job Scheduler) and are assigned automatically during the installation of the Argent Job Scheduler and the Argent Queue Engine.

– The Argent Job Scheduler Service Account

(“Argent Job Scheduler – Scheduling Engine” Service)

  • Logon as a Service

– The Argent Queue Engine Service Account

(“Argent Queue Engine” Service)

  • Allow Interactive Logon
  • Act as part of the OS
  • Adjust Memory Quotas for a process (Increase Quotas)
  • Allow Logon Locally
  • Bypass Traverse Checking
  • Logon as a Batch Job
  • Logon as a Service
  • Replace a Process Level Token


If the service account is changed, or for any reason these rights are not assigned, any of these individual rights can be applied to user accounts via Windows Local Security Policies (User Rights Assignments).

IMPORTANT NOTE: While it may not be necessary to have all of these rights assigned for your particular jobs to run successfully, if you are experiencing issues executing jobs it is suggested you try enabling these rights as a trouble-shooting step.