KBI 220635 Different SLA Rules Assigned To Same Key In Database


Argent Predictor 8.0A-0607C through 8.0A-0701


29 September 2006


Different SLA Rules Are Assigned To Same Key In Argent Predictor DB

Technical Background

One can configure different SLA/Connectivity Rules against a single device, for example, NDE_TCPIP_PING and NDE_ORACLE_LOGON. The Rules both send data to the Argent Predictor, and they are both logged against the same key in the database table AOM_PRD_MASTER:

object counter instance
Service Level Agreement System Alive ARGENTVM

These are field values in the database table

AOM_PRD_MASTER: object=’Service Level Agreement’, counter=’System Alive’, instance=’ARGENTVM’.

This means that it is not possible to do sensible reporting against more than one SLA/Connectivity Rule on the same device. As an example, if NDE_ORACLE_LOGON is failing and NDE_TCPIP_PING is succeeding, the single SLA category available in the Argent Predictor database will show a 50% availability metric. It is not possible to pick each Rule individually in the SLA reports and report against them separately.

This issue is present in the Argent Predictor tables associated with the Argent Monitor for Oracle, the Argent SQL Monitor, and the Argent Guardian.


If reporting on multiple SLA/Connectivity Rules are required against a single device, a workaround is to configure each Rule in a separate Argent product. For example, the NDE_TCPIP_PING Rule could be configured (and reported on) in the Argent Guardian, and the NDE_ORACLE_LOGON Rule could be used in the Argent Monitor For Oracle.