KBI 220661 Lowercase Relator Names Not Supported In Argent XT


Argent XT 8.0A-0701


5 March 2007


Naming Relators in lowercase can lead to the Argent Console unexpectedly closing.

Lowercase Relator names are only possible after unchecking the All Objects Upper Case option (Administration > Product Settings, Screen N7A).

Technical Background

Not Applicable


Edit the underlying SQL table to work around the issue. For example, the Argent Guardian SQL table for Relators is ‘AG_Relator’.

Rename the Relator as follows:

UPDATE    AG_Relator

SET       Relator = 'REL_UPPERCASE'

WHERE     (Relator = 'REL_lowercase')

Ensure that All Objects Upper Case is checked, to ensure this issue does not recur.

This is a known issue and will be resolved in a future version.