KBI 220706 Single Argent Sentry Rule Fires Multiple Types Of Alerts


Argent Sentry 8.0A-0701


17 May 2007


A single Argent Sentry rule fires multiple types of Alerts.

Technical Background

An Argent Sentry Web Site Response Time Rule can be configured to break in any of three ways:

  • If a “200 OK” is not returned from the target web server (URL Inaccessible). This check is always performed.
  • If returning the page took too long (“Response Time Failed”). This check is performed if the Rule has Rule Is Broken If Response Time Is Over X Seconds checked.
  • If the page content is not as expected (“Page content matches the Rule RSP_[NAME]”). This check is performed if the Rule has one or more Rule Is Broken If Following Conditions Are True properties.

Unlike any other Argent XT Rule, each of these types of Rules lead to a separate category of alert. This means that a single Rule against a single URL can result in three alerts. This by itself is undesirable; a single type of Alert should be fired when the Rule is broken in ANY of the ways specified.

An additional side effect is that corrective alerts may fire for one of the types of breakage, even though the Rule as a whole is broken. For example, a corrective Alert “Rule RSP_INTRANET is no longer broken” could be fired, noting that the target server is no longer “URL Inaccessible” even though the overall Rule RSP_INTRANET is still broken for some other reason, such as a slow response time.


This issue will be resolved in a future release.