KBI 220716 Exchange Mailbox Rules Do Not Fire Corrections With Multiple Accounts


Argent Exchange Monitor 8.0A-0701


17 July 2007


Exchange Mailbox Size Rules do not fire correction Alerts with multiple accounts.

Technical Background

The Argent Exchange Monitor has Mailbox Size Rules which can set a threshold for mailbox size of individual Exchange accounts. When placed in a Relator, this rule results in a new event for every mailbox on which it is broken.


The single rule MBX_BIG_SIZE_50 is set to break when Exchange Mailboxes are greater than 50 megabytes.

When two mailboxes exceed this threshold, two Alerts result:

Alert 1:

Mailbox is too big: > 50MB Size of mailbox (David Holmes) = 50.02MB (> 50)

Alert 2:

Mailbox is too big: > 50MB Size of mailbox (Administrator) = 60.90MB (> 50)

Subsequently bringing one of the two mailboxes below this threshold should result in a correction Alert, as one is configured in the Relator. This was done, bringing the Administrator mailbox to 47.5 Mb. Interactively testing the rule in this state shows that the rule is only broken for one mailbox (David Holmes). However, no correction event or alert was generated.

Subsequently bringing the other mailbox below the threshold then results in only a single correction Alert:

Correction Alert 1:

Mailbox is too big: > 50MB

Condition corrected for rule MBX_BIG_SIZE_50 on SERVER.

Re-check result:

Rule ‘MBX_BIG_SIZE_50’ is no longer broken on server ‘SERVER’.

Reset escalation.

Original event:

Size of mailbox (David Holmes) = 50.02MB (> 50)

Both events in the Argent Console are marked as Corrected, but with the timestamp corresponding to the second mailbox, not the first one.

There are two symptoms of this issue:

  • Exchange mailbox size Correction Alerts for one mailbox are inappropriately suppressed when other mailboxes remain in the broken state
  • Argent Console correction events are noted as corrected only when all mailboxes are below the threshold, not when the individual mailbox was measured as being below the threshold

See Also: Single Argent Sentry Rule Fires Multiple Types Of Alerts


This issue will be resolved in a future release.