KBI 220725 SLA Service Up Down Report Showing Inconsistent Values


Argent Guardian 8.0A-0701


19 July 2007


The Existing SERVICE_UPDOWN_TIME report will produce an SLA Service up-down report showing inconsistent values that list services without grouping them by server.

Separately, the report does not annotate maintenance times in the report.

Technical Background

See: SLA UP DOWN Reports May Show Inconsistent Values


Modify the existing Crystal report (SLA_UpDown.rpt) to change the way the report presents and calculates.

  • When displaying the detected down value in the report, use the SLA_downtime.DownTime unless the SLA_downtime.DownTime is before the report StartTime. If this is true use the report StartTime.
  • Modify the Crystal Report to calculate elapsed down time in seconds (TimeLapse) to check to see if the returned SLA Start time is before the report start time, if the returned SLA down time is before the report start time use the difference between the report start time and the returned SLA up time in seconds. Otherwise use the difference between the returned SLA down time and the returned SLA up time in seconds.
  • Modify the displayed total outage to annotate “maintenance” to down times by looking at the returned maintenance flag.
  • Initially group the report by the server name then subgroup and label the report data using the label “Server SLA” otherwise use the service name measured i.e. “Port 25”.

If you want the Maintenance down time not to affect SLA time, please change this registry key on the Argent server:


from the default of 0 to 1

This will change the behavior of the SLA report to calculate maintenance time as UP time.

See Also: Warning About Registry