KBI 220726 Transfer Engines Require A Logging Destination


Argent Data Consolidator 8.0A-0701


23 July 2007


Transfer Engines require a logging destination.

Technical Background

Argent Data Consolidator Transfer Engines require a destination for consolidated log entries. This can be a Microsoft SQL Server, an ODBC Data Source, or an Argent Database Engine configured with its own destination database.

The destination is configured in the Administration section of the Argent Data Consolidator:

If direct archiving is used, but no SQL Server or ODBC Data Source is specified, the Transfer Engine will be unable to save log entries. The result is the following message in the Transfer Engine log:

24 Jul 2007 12:40:45.062 ARGENT-JOEC2 SYSTEM FAILED ExecuteSQL 


    insert into 

        (machine, log_type, event_id, severity, source, category, event_user, description, 

         event_time, user_data_1, user_data_2, user_data_3, user_data_4, user_data_5, 

         user_data_6, user_data_7, user_data_8, user_data_9, user_data_10, crc1, crc2) 


        ('ARGENT-JOEC2', 'APPLICATION', 1000, 1, 'Application Error', '(100)', 'N/A', 'Faulting amc.exe', 

         {ts '2007-07-24 11:22:15'}, 'amc.exe', '', 'ntdll.dll', '5.2.3790.3959', '0002a0d0', 

         '', '', '', '', '', -1599395083, 1147398026)


(ODBC Error: Line 1: Incorrect syntax near '('.) (File: ARCEVTLOGLIST.CPP Line: 330)


Provide details of the SQL Server or ODBC Data Source to use, or select an appropriately configured Database Engine.