KBI 220730 User_Date_1 Not Saved Correctly To Argent Predictor


Argent Data Consolidator 8.0A-0701


31 July 2007


When creating a rule in the Argent Data Consolidator with a parse specification, and selecting the option to save the Argent Predictor data, if User_Data_1 is used, the Argent Predictor data is saved with values of 0, while if other User_Data variables are used (User_Data_2, 3, 4, etc) the data is saved as expected, with the actual values of the associated User_Data variable saved.

This affects only the Argent Predictor data, and not the data saved to the ALC_ArcEvtLog table.

Technical Background



This issue is being reviewed by Development.

To work around this issue, simply do not use User_Data_1 in your parse specification; instead, use User_Data_2 or some other name.