KBI 220733 Windows 2000 SP4 CSNW System Log Errors


Argent Guardian 8.0A-0701


17 August 2007


When using the Argent Guardian to monitor windows disk performance metrics in a mixed Windows/Netware environment, connectivity issues may occur with the Client Services for Netware (CSNW). In particular, the Client Services for Netware service drops the Netware connection for remotely connected servers.

Technical Background

This issue has been identified on Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 servers running the Client Services for Netware (CSNW).

Note that this issue effects the monitored server only.

The CSNW hosting server will record the following Server event log errors:

  • source – srv
  • event id – 2022

This potentially causes connecting windows clients to lose their Netware connection.


This is a Microsoft problem.

Apply Microsoft hotfix for Knowledge Base article 893374.