KBI 310064 Delay Between Mother And Daughter Engines


Argent Extended Technology, version 8.0A-0707


1 May 2008


Argent trace log delay of 4+ hrs between Mother and multiple daughter servers.

Technical Background

Configuration for this user’s environment was not optimally set. All servers reported uploading logs consistently; no obvious errors showed.


Registry key that throttles the amount of daughter engine inputs at one time was set to default of 1.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Argent\ArgentGuardian\DAUGHTER_PROCESS_DATA_THREAD_LIMIT should be set to larger DWORD value (a good starting point would be 10).

After the key is set, set the Argent Data Consolidator to a smaller retention period.

Truncate the database table as needed.

Restart the Argent service on the Mother server.

Monitor changes and modify as needed.