KBI 310067 False Alarms for Offline Web Servers In Argent Defender




6 Jun 2008


When the Argent Defender server is under heavy load, the IE instance may not be able to load the home page properly.

As a result, user receives alert ‘Web server may be offline’.

But when user checks the web site from another machine, the web server is fine.

It is understandable that it is the monitoring tool not the monitored target that gets stressed.

Nevertheless, the false alarm could be annoying and should be avoided.

Technical Background



To address the issue, following chunk of script can be used to replace the first statement of ‘Navigate’.

bFound = false

i = 0

do while i < 10 and Not bFound

	'Reset error state and clear the previous navigation error

'Navigate to the home page Navigate url
'Use TestStringExist, ElementExist etc to make sure the right page bFound = TestStringExist(string, TRUE, TRUE)
if Not bFound then 'give it some time to recover Wait 10 end if loop