KBI 310079 How To implement Save To Secondary Argent Predictor Database


Argent Guardian 8.0A-0501 and later


4 Apr 2008


There are no prerequisites for using the option “Save To Secondary Argent Predictor Database”.

The way it works is, if you do not have the option selected, then all data older than what the “Day Limit For Keeping Argent Predictor Data” value is set to will be deleted.

If you select the option, it will take everything over that limit and save it to the AG_PRD_SLAVE_ARCHIVE table.

There is no need to set up a separate database for archiving.

Note: If you have not been archiving data previously, and there is a large amount of data to be archived, the first time you recycle the service after selecting this option, the service will time out and not start due to the large amount of data the query has to process.

In this case it would be better to do the initial archive using native SQL tools, outside of the Argent Console.

Technical Background