KBI 310083 The Argent SNMP Monitor Installer Crashes If Not SQL DB Owner


Up to 0804


20 Sep 2007


The Argent SNMP Monitor installer crashes if not SQL DB owner

Technical Background

The installer for the Argent SNMP Monitor crashes in ARGENT_SETUP2.EXE if all of the following conditions are true:

  • SQL Server is chosen as backing database
  • The credentials used for database access are not the creator of the database (even though they may be given db_owner access of that database)
  • The credentials used for database access do not have a Server Role of sysadmin

All other products in the Argent Extended Technology suite can be installed successfully with this configuration.


A workaround is to delete the Argent database and recreate it using the credentials desired for database access by Argent. This requires a complete reinstall of the Argent product suite.

Another workaround is to grant the relevant user the “sysadmin” Server Role, though this may not be desired for security reasons.

This issue is corrected in 0804 production release.