KBI 311999 Argent Reports Failing To Automatically Send Reports


Argent Reports — All Versions


Monday, 27 June 2022


Some third party software products will change the Windows Default File Association as part of the install or upgrade process

Changing some defaults stop Argent Reports from creating and emailing reports

Technical Background

Argent Reports uses Active Server Pages and VBScript files to generate PDF reports and send emails

If the default file association for “.vb”, “.vbs”, “.asp”, or “.aspx” files are modified to use another program to open with such as Notepad++ or Notepad, Argent Reports will not function properly


Reset file association for “.vb”, “.vbs”, “.asp”, and “.aspx”

Run command prompt as administrator

1. Issue command “assoc .vb=VBSFILE”

2. Issue command “assoc .vbs=VBSFILE”

3. Issue command “assoc .asp=ASPFILE”

4. Issue command “assoc .aspx=ASPFILE”