KBI 310112 Basic SNMP Checks For Argent Products




5 Aug 2008


You cannot get the Argent Guardian, the Argent Data Consolidator or the Argent SNMP Monitor to work properly for receiving traps OR the Relator being used shows that the SNMP device is not broken even though you have purposely set a low threshold that you know should be triggering an alert.

Technical Background



The most common reason for this is there is an issue (wrong value or incorrect case) with the SNMP community string being used. Aside from properly configuring the SNMP device to send its traps to the Argent server, you must ensure that the following areas are set properly on the Argent server:

  1. Ensure that the device defined in Argent has the proper value defined for the properties of that device in License Manager (N14E screen) as shown below:

  2. Ensure that the SNMP service is properly configured for the operating system where Argent Guardian Extended Technology is running. This is done in two locations – the Traps tab and the Security tab as shown below: