KBI 310111 Possible Slow Performance Of Argent GUI Under Citrix




25 Jul 2008


Argent Console GUI in a Citrix Session

Technical Background

A possible issue was noticed during a recent training session at a customer site where the attendees were using the Argent Console GUI in Citrix sessions.

What appeared to be happening was a lag in updating configuration data of objects in Argent, i.e. a change would be made to a Relator, Alert or Rule using an Argent Console GUI in a Citrix session and these changes would not appear in the Argent Console GUI on the Argent server for some time, in a few cases the changes appeared to be lost.

Closing the main Argent Console GUI and re-opening it did not cause it to update with the changes.

It is recommended that customers be advised not to access the Argent Console GUI via a Citrix session, but install and use the Argent Console GUI client on their desktop.