KBI 310128 Windows Server 200x Blue Screen Error 0x000000cb




28 Oct 2008


Customers can get Blue Screens when monitored Windows 2000/2003 servers.

On Windows 2003, the Blue Screen error is:

STOP 0x000000cb (0xba5d97b2, 0xba5c9e7d, 0x86a1f6c8, 0x00000002)

Technical Background

Whilst this error occurs when the Argent is monitoring the system, the Argent code is NOT causing the error, but rather is the victim — Blue Screen are the result of issues relating to kernel-mode or driver code and,

  • No Argent product has any device drivers or software drivers
  • No Argent product has any kernel-mode code

(All the Argent products run at the application level – same as Word, Outlook client, and Excel.)

When the Argent requests performance information on a remote machine the Blue Screen results.

Google searches yield a large number of products that suffer these (there are a number of variants) Blue Screens.

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