KBI 310138 Unable To Navigate Out Of Argent Sentry License Manager


Argent Sentry 8.0A-0810-T1


12 Jan 2009


When navigating in the Argent Console to Argent Sentry (this may affect other products also), the console goes directly to the License Manager, and will not allow you to navigate anywhere else.

When you try to select another snap-in, the Argent Console appears to enter the snap-in, then reverts back to Argent Sentry’s License Manager.

The only way to get to other Argent XT products is to close and re-open the Argent Console.

Technical Background

This is an issue with the License file. The resolution is to make a change to the existing license setup and then re-apply the production license file.


The easiest way to recover this data is to navigate to the License Manager in the affected Argent XT product.

  1. Open the Argent Sentry, Administration, License Manager and verify the license key is correct.
  2. Make any change to the licensing that requires you to save the changes, i.e. Remove a license and add back. Save your changes.
  3. You should now be able to exit the license manager.
  4. Close the Argent Console and then re-open it. Check that you are able to navigate correctly within the affected product.

If the condition persists, this may indicate a corruption in the license file. Contact Argent Support for a re-issue of the production license file and/or assistance.