KBI 310161 Daughter Engines Not Communicating With 64-bit Systems




27 March 2009


When installing a daughter engine that communicates with a 64-bit server running the Argent Main Engine, the following message during setup can be seen:

Server XYZ is not a Argent Console Main Engine.

Technical Background

This issue occurs because the daughter engine setup installation process is attempting to access the registry of the 64-bit Windows operating system and cannot find the following Argent registry key on the 64-bit system:



Perform the following steps on the 64-bit system that has the Argent Main engine:

  1. Create a backup of the ENTIRE registry using Regedit.exe from Microsoft.

  2. Use Regedit.exe to export the below registry key/branch:


  3. Use Notepad to remove all references to \Wow6432. When done, the modified registry export file should only have a path of:

    HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\ Argent\*.*

  4. After confirming the above, save the modified registry export file, then double-click it as needed to create the proper Argent entries in the registry.

  5. Close Regedit.exe and restart Regedit.exe.

  6. Confirm the following registry key is in the registry:


  7. Re-run the setup installation program on the machine where the daughter engine needs to be installed to complete the daughter engine installation as needed.