KBI 310160 Argent Data Consolidator Not Starting On 64-bit Systems


8.0A-0807 or later


27 March 2009


When the Argent Data Consolidator is installed on a Windows 64-Bit system, the Argent Data Consolidator Scheduling Engine service will not start properly.

Technical Background

This issue occurs because the 64-bit Windows operating system places registry values for 32-bit setup programs into a special registry key called Wow3264Node. When the Argent Data Consolidator Scheduling Engine service attempts to start on a 64-bit Windows operating system, it cannot find a registry entry in the standard 32-bit path called:



After completing the installation of Argent Data Consolidator, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a backup of the ENTIRE registry using the Regedit tool from Microsoft.

  2. Use Regedit.exe to export the below registry key/branch:


  3. Use Notepad to remove all references to \Wow6432. When done, the modified registry export file should only have a path of:


  4. After confirming the above, save the modified registry export file, then double-click it as needed to create the proper Argent entries in the registry.

  5. Close the Regedit.exe program and restart Regedit.exe

  6. Confirm that you now have the following registry key in the registry:


  7. Use the Services applet (Control Panel | Administration Tool | Services) to start the Argent Data Consolidator Scheduling Engine service as needed.