KBI 310165 Failed To Load GSP File in Argent XT


Argent Extended Technology 8.0A-0901-B


2 June 2009


When switching from using the Fast Graphics Engine to the Extended Graphics Engine, each time a graph is previewed by selecting the ‘View Report/Graph’ tab an error message appears: “Failed to load GSP file”.

Technical Background

This issue occurs when a custom graph is created and saved using one type of graphics engine, and then the default graphics engine is changed.


The usage of the GSP file is registered in XXXX_REPORTS.XML under each product directory.

For example, Argent Guardian is C:\Argent\ArgentManagementConsole\ArgentGuardian\ag_reports.xml

Removing the ‘cfg’ attribute in the corresponding report tag will reset the report to use default GSP file, PERFDATA.GSP.