KBI 310168 ODBC Timeout Issues Generating Event Log Reports




8 July 2009



Technical Background

A customer may complain that certain reports cannot be generated from within the Argent Predictor and an “ODBC Error: Timeout Expired (80004005)” will be encountered.

This will generally only happen with the “Eventlog Error and Warning Reports”


The issue is not with the Argent Predictor but with the Crystal Runtime Engine (v9) that the Argent Predictor is bundled with. Due to the query output being very large, the temporary file created by Crystal Reports reaches its maximum capacity of 2GB – after which it fails and this error is seen.

As a work around, use the special template specifically created to run the query differently against the backend DB, thereby circumventing the underlying cause of the issue.

This report can be used in the “Crystal Reports” -> “With Parameters” (screenshot below)

Wildcard characters are allowed when setting up these parameters. Also use ###EMPTY_PARAMETER### for all string parameters where you don’t want a filter and use 0.1 for all number parameters where you don’t want a filter