KBI 310179 Argent Job Scheduler License In Windows 2008 Fails With UAC Enabled


Argent XT – All versions


19 Jan 2012


License is not applied successfully when a new license file is selected and applied in Argent Management Console running on Windows Server 2008.

Customer is still receiving email notifications indicating license expiry.

You will need to select “Run as Administrator” explicitly when launching Argent Management Console to apply the license successfully.

Technical Background

UAC (User Account Control) built into Windows Server 2008 prevents the updating of the new license file.

The Argent Service Account is not identified as an Administrator when UAC Virtualization is turned on. UAC will only allow “Run As” a process with elevated privileges.

A workaround is to disable UAC on the system.

For more information on UAC see:



Explicitly run Argent Management Console using the “Run as Administrator” option when applying licenses.

Apply the updated license key accordingly

To confirm successful application of the License Key, perform the following:

  1. On the Argent Server, open the registry (using either regedit or regedt32).
  2. Locate and confirm the LICENSE_FILE value for each target product has been updated.

    For example, the Argent Guardian would be: