KBI 310185 Centralized Monitoring Of Remote Offices Using Argent AT


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15 Jun 2010


This KBI explains the steps to be performed to install AT in a distributed environment.

Technical Background

Install AT in Central and Remote offices. Suppose that remote offices are connected to central office through Internet.

The machines in central office and remote offices cannot see each other normally.

As result, the AT Main Engine in central office won’t be able to monitor machines in remote office directly.

At least one Trusted Agent (Monitoring Engine) should be installed in each remote office.

And because only the internet connection is available, TCP/IP connection option should be used instead of the direct WO (Work Order) over file share.

To configure the monitoring, take following steps:

  1. Install AT Main Engine at the central location.
  2. Open firewall at central office to allow incoming traffic to the product specific port. User can find out the port number by checking either registry ‘MOTHER_PORT’ or Service Log.

    By default,

    • 3209 – Argent Defender
    • 3309 – Argent for SharePoint
    • 3409 – Argent for Exchange
    • 3509 – Argent for VMware

  3. Install at least one Trusted Agent at each remote office. Make sure the TCP/IP option is used.
  4. If communication works, the installed Trusted Agents will show up under the Trusted Agents folder.
  5. Do proper configuration for each Trusted Agent.
  6. Configure Relator to make sure remote machines are monitored by the Trusted Agents in the same location.

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