KBI 310188 Remote Monitoring Of Performance Counters And Remote Registry Service


All Windows Versions


6 Jul 2010


Windows TOD API Rules and Performance Rules fail suddenly, although the machine is up and running.

Technical Background

Calling remote commands to Windows Servers relies on the Windows Remote Registry Service being available, although the service may appear to be running.

This can be tested using Windows “perfmon” or “net time” to query a remote server.

The values will not be accessible until the Remote Registry Service is restarted.

There is no root cause for this on any Microsoft KBI articles, but this occurs for a number of reasons.

  • Corrupt Remote Registry Service, usually when the uptime of a machine is +50 days
  • Conflict of Antivirus/Firewall
  • Conflict of Applications installed on the server
  • A Windows Hot-fix that has been applied


Restart the “Remote Registry”, “Windows Management Instrumentation” and “DCOM Server Process Launcher” Services.