KBI 310214 Finding Architecture Information From The Argent Database


Argent Extended Technology Product Suite


26 Aug 2010


Information concerning a customer’s architecture structure can also be found in the Argent database.

Technical Background

A customer’s topology structure is usually documented. There may be cases when this documentation is no longer valid, incomplete or not available.

When such an instance arises the following points will help to get more information.


In each product, references to scheduling engines can be found in the _DAUGHTER table.

Analog, references to monitoring engines are found in each product’s _ENGINE table.

Non-stop Monitoring is evident from entries in each product’s _VIRTUAL_SERVER table.

The following screenshots show the above in more detail.

This snapshot illustrates the contents of a _DAUGHTER table showing scheduling engine information such as Executer, Machine, IP-Address, Version, Last Contact etc.

An overview of the configured monitoring engines of each product can be found in the Argent GUI as illustrated:

A more detailed overview of similar data extracted via a SQL query from the Argent database is provided in the following three screenshots:

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3: