KBI 310243 Job Ended On Queue Engine But Still Shows As Active On J1


Argent Job Scheduler 7.1A-1004


14 Apr 2011


A job may show as active on the Job Scheduler Control Panel (Screen J1) but has ended on the Argent Queue Engine. Customer production jobs that depend on the completion of the job do not start.

Technical Background

Argent has uncovered an issue in the Microsoft run-time support for handles in the Windows file system. When the issue arises, file handle processing becomes unreliable. This affects Argent Job Scheduler and Argent Queue Engine in certain situations. Internal files used by Argent Queue Engine can be affected.


Short Term

For a job that shows on the Argent Job Scheduler Control Panel as Active but has ended on the Argent Queue Engine, note the job number. This example uses job J007643.

  • Check in the installed Argent Queue Engine for the internal work files used by the job. For a typical installation, the files will be in C:\ARGENT\QueueEngine\JOBDEF named J_007643.JS1 and J_007643.JS2.
  • Delete the two files.
  • Wait one or two dispatching cycles (usually a minute).

Long Term

Upgrade to Argent Job Scheduler version 8.0A-1104 (or later), which has code to circumvent this Microsoft bug.

The upgrade is available at https://help.argent.com/#product_downloads_job_scheduler