KBI 310252 Multiple Virtual Centres


Argent for VMware 2.0A-1104-E or above


14 Sep 2011


Some organizations may have many VMware Objects to monitor and these may be managed by more than one Virtual Centre Server.

Argent for VMware can easily be configured to use support multiple Virtual Centre’s by utilizing Network groups within the CMDB-X

Technical Background

By default all VMware objects in Argent for VMware will use the Default VMware Infrastructure Logon defined in the Supervising Engine


Argent allows network groups in the CMDB-X to have a specific Virtual Centre Server configured that all VMware objects in that Network Group will use for connectivity instead of the default VMware Infrastructure Logon setting as explained above.

Two Network Groups could be configured one for each Virtual Centre Server and appropriate objects in each of these groups.

If we right click on one of the Network Groups and Choose CMDB-X properties

We can now define the Virtual Centre Logon details that all objects in this Network group can use as shown below.