KBI 310256 Argent XT Agent For iSeries Command Alert Fails


Argent Extended Technology – All Versions


21 Sep 2011


The Argent XT Agent for iSeries supports executing native iSeries commands in response to detected rule conditions.

This help article discusses an issue that can arise for some IBM iSeries commands.

Technical Background

CPF0006 Received at Argent Console In Response to iSeries Command

IBM iSeries message identifier CPF0006 indicates that a command could not be executed. The message doesn’t generally describe the underlying reason why the command failed.

To see more detail in the Argent XT Agent for iSeries log file, issue the



After issuing the command, the following can be seen in the Argent XT Agent for iSeries log file when the CPF0006 message is received:

The message shows which command is failing. In this case, the STRPRTWTR command is failing.

Check Threading Behavior for Command

Issue the



A display similar to the following is shown:

Note that the STRPRTWTR command is not thread safe.


In recent versions of the IBM iSeries operating system, a new system value has been introduced that constrains the behavior of single-thread programs and commands in a multi-thread context.

Use the


command to view the value. A display similar to the following is shown:

In this case, the value has been set to ‘3‘, meaning that single-thread programs and commands are prohibited by IBM in a multi-thread environment.

Since the Argent XT Agent for iSeries executes in a multi-thread environment, a value of ‘3‘ for QMLTTHDACN prevents the STRPRTWTR command from executing.


When this occurs, the resolution is to change the value of the QMLTTHDACN command to either ‘1‘ or ‘2‘. This allows the STRPRTWTR command and other IBM single-thread commands to execute within the Argent XT Agent for iSeries.