Argent Extended Technology – All versions


17 Oct 2011


Argent gives its customer the option of using Relay Agents when monitoring UNIX/Linux servers.

The SSH Relay Agent enables you to do agentless monitoring of your Unix machines using SSH.

You may notice the below error in the tag_relay.log file:

“FAIL: tag_relay service_limit from=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx”

This error pertains to the number of instances configured in the /etc/xinetd.conf file.

Usually, this number is set to 50 and when too many connections are attempted, some arbitrarily picked servers will be killed to satisfy the limit;

this will happen after any servers are terminated because of failing the remote location or access time checks.

This can cause Argent rules to fail because the script is not allowed a chance to run.

Technical Background



In order to check TAG_RELAY instances limit, view /etc/xinetd.conf and look for “instances = xx“.

If “instances = 10” you’re limited to 10 TAG_RELAY sessions on your Relay Agent server.

Configure ‘best‘ number of instances as per your reference for solving this kind of issue.

Argent recommends slowly moving the ‘instances‘ number up in increments of 20 and monitoring the Relay Agent’s performance as well as for the error message in logs.