KBI 310291 Auto-Answering Emails To Stop Alert Escalation


XT and AT – All versions.


21 Dec 2011


Alert Escalation can be stopped or suspended by using the Event Auto-Answering by Email feature in both Argent XT and AT.

Technical Background

An event’s alerting can be altered by using the Event Auto-Answering By Email feature.

Argent reads the email and sets the event’s status to whatever is specified in the email – answered, resolved, maintenance mode or suspend, thus stopping alerting and escalation.

Once the Auto-Answered email is processed it is deleted.


Enabling Event Auto-Answering By Email:

  1. In Events and Alerts -> Administration -> Engine Manager -> Main Engine -> Email Tab – Window A3C -> select the box at the top ‘Enable Event Auto-Answering By Email
  2. Add in the Read Profile Name details and Read Password for the MAPI profile on the Supervising Engine.
  3. Set the “Check Email Server For Answering Message Once Every X Minutes” to the appropriate time threshold. The default value is 1 minute.

    Configuring Email Alert

  4. In the Alerts(Shared) ->Window C5 -> Email Container -> Create a new alert.
  5. In the Subject field place the appropriate details.
  6. In the Message Text Box -> Click on the %VARIABLES% button.
  7. Select the following variables to be used:

    The brackets of “(” and “)” are required for each variable selected



    Specifies event to process

    Select one of the following three:


    Sets the event status to Maintenance Mode
    Note: “MANT” is correct spelling of the abbreviation


    Sets the event status to resolved


    Suspends the event

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