KBI 310313 Cluster Monitoring With Different Operating Systems


Argent AT – 2.0A-1204-A and above


28 May 2012


Prior to Argent AT 2.0A-1204-A, it was not possible to monitor Windows 2003 clusters from a Windows 2008 Argent engine. Starting in the 2.0A-1204 release, both Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 clusters can be monitored.

Technical Background

Argent has historically used Microsoft’s Cluster Automation Library for cluster monitoring. However, this library has issues with monitoring clusters with a different OS than the library host.

In 2.0A-1204, Argent gives the option of using either the Native Win32 API (Cluster Automation Library) or the Failover Cluster WMI Provider.


When scanning clusters from the CMDB-X, the default is to use the native Win32 API and is the preferred method if the cluster is the same OS as the Argent engine. However, there is an option to use the Failover Cluster WMI Provider, which can be used to scan clusters of a different OS.

To monitor the cluster objects, use the “Check Cluster” option of the “System Down Rules“. You can specify the method for connecting. “Native Win32 API” is the best option if you are monitoring clusters of the same OS as the Argent engine, otherwise the “Failover Cluster WMI Provider” option is available.