KBI 310315 Argent UNIX Rule Engine and Argent Guardian Ultra


Argent Guardian Ultra 2.0A-1201


14 Jun 2012


Argent UNIX Rule Engine does not operate properly with Argent Guardian Ultra

Technical Background

Argent UNIX Rule Engine fails with Argent Guardian Ultra.

Symptoms include errors in the UNIX or Linux logs regarding the control file stating that “file does not exist.

The issue is a result of the listening port on the Argent Windows server. By default, the Argent Guardian Ultra Scheduling Engine listens for requests (for new control information and new Rule Scripts) by the UNIX Rule Engine on port 6700, not 3191 as it did in Argent Guardian XT.

For more information on the benefits of the Argent UNIX Rule Engine, please click here:



Modify the port line in the ag_re.opt file located in /opt/Argent/UNIX to 6700.

Your newly modified file should begin like this:

# Configuration File for the Argent Guardian Unix Rules Engine

# 6700

Note: 6700 is the default port. To verify this is the correct port in your environment, please open the last Argent Guardian Scheduling Engine log in Notepad and search for the phrase “Argent Guardian Ultra starts listening at”. The port number will be listed at the end of the line.


01 Jan 2012 00:00:00.000 MYSERVER MYSERVER\Administrator (8888-180) 03888 Argent Guardian Ultra starts listening at

port 6700

Please also verify that your firewall is correctly set to allow TCP/IP traffic from the UNIX Rule Engine to the main Argent server on this port.