KBI 310346 Trusted Agents Are Not Detected By The Main Engine


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12 Mar 2013


When a Trusted Agent is installed on a remote machine it should automatically appear in the Trusted Agents folder if connectivity is successful

This article describes one probable reason why Trusted Agents may not appear automatically

Technical Background

A Site UUID is a unique alphanumeric string generated during the installation of a Trusted Agent, this number is used internally in Argent to uniquely identify a Trusted Agent.

If the installation was done using other methods instead of a normal interactive install, there is a possibility that the Site UUID may be duplicated across multiple sites.

New Trusted Agents with the same Site UUID as an existing Trusted Agent will not appear in the Trusted Agents folder.


In order to resolve this, we will need to regenerate and set a new Site UUID for the Trusted Agent.

1) Record down the current Site UUID for the STB Trusted Agent (This can be found in the registry)

Registry Key: HKLM\Software\Argent\ARGENT_DEFENDER\Site_UUID

Example of a Site UUID: ECB6B1EB-C758-4CEF-943D-918F334C2907

2) Uninstall the Trusted Agent

3) Re-install the Trusted Agent

4) Check the registry to see if a new Site UUID has been generated

5) Check to see if the new Trusted Agent now appears in the Trusted Agents folder