KBI 310350 Argent for Compliance Incorrect Upgrade Prompt


Argent for Compliance – 3.1A-1301-E


19 Mar 2013


While upgrading Argent for Compliance from 2.0A-1204-B to 3.1A-1301-E, does not allow to upgrade and GUI showing “Please upgrade installed products first before installing new ones” even though all other Argent AT products are upgraded to latest version (Argent AT 3.1A-1301-E) as following.

Technical Background

Typically, all the DLL related to Argent AT products should be upgraded after Argent AT products upgraded.

There are two possible reasons for this issue

  1. Upgrade was not done correctly previously and some DLL’s were not upgraded.
  2. Some product in the “Advanced Features” tab was not upgraded.


To address it, do following:

  1. Re-run the upgrade process again.
  2. Click on ‘Advanced Features‘.
  3. Make sure all four products listed in Advanced Features are match with Argent AT products version as following.