KBI 310360 Configuring Argent AT Automatic Backup


Argent Advanced Technology 3.1A-1301-E or below.


28 Mar 2013


AT 3.1A-1304-A and later can be configured to backup control information automatically.

Note: It is about control information ONLY. It still requires SQL backup for historical data such as Argent Predictor data, Argent Console events and compliance report data in Argent for Compliance.

Automatic Backup works in Argent Non-Stop Monitor environment as well. It is designed so that only one of running motors creates a single copy of backup for each scheduled time.

AT stores the backup binary data in SQL Table ARGSOFT_AT_BACKUP. The size and CRC64 of binary data is saved as well to enforce data integrity. The backup time is stored as UTC time internally.


Automatic Backup is enabled and configured in Housekeeping module.

Minimum backup interval is once every 12 hours.

Maximum backup interval is once every month.

Use button ‘Backup History‘ to find historical backup data.

User can select any date/time range to list out available backup data.

User can select one or multiple rows to delete.

The most important feature is to restore control information from the backup. To do so, select the desired backup, export the data to file so that user can import as usual backup file.

Adhoc Backup

When user manually backs up control information using ‘Export Data‘ option, he has the option to save the adhoc backup data in the database as well.

Technical Background