KBI 310367 SSH Timeouts For Newly Licensed UNIX Server


Argent Advanced Technology all versions


12 Apr 2013


SSH timeout occurs for newly licensed UNIX Server

Technical Background

Argent AT uses PLINK to run UNIX rules through SSH session. When user first time runs PLINK, it will wait for user’s confirmation to proceed. After user confirms this first time, future PLINK command for the same host will not generate this prompt any more for the SAME user

The confirmation is saved under HKEY_CURRENT_USER. As a result, if GUI logon user is different from the service account, the PLINK session started by service will be stuck on the same prompt


The typical solution is to logon as service account and do connectivity test in license manager or run the command ‘PLINK user@host‘ in command prompt, then confirm the prompt

Another solution is to install Argent enhanced PLINK package, which won’t generate the prompt in the first place, plus it won’t show the password on the command prompt title when doing connectivity test