KBI 310514 Oracle Server Requires Reboot After Installation of Oracle Client Tools


Argent for Oracle — all versions


11 Jun 2013


After installing Oracle Client Tools, customers are able to successfully connect to the database from the Argent Advanced Technology – Argent for Oracle User Interface.

Relator tests also run successfully

When the Relator is placed into Production Mode the following error messages appear in the Supervising and Monitoring Engine Logs:

   ARGENT svc_argent (Result) A database exception occurred, please check the log file of Monitoring Engine for details

   ARGENT CONTOSSO\svc_argent 02477 Database exception F=L350_OpenDatabaseThroughOCI

   ARGENT CONTOSSO\svc_argent 03172 *** ERROR *** Failed L350_OpenDatabaseThroughOCI F=CSQLQueryRule::L200_OpenSet

Technical Background

Certain System Environment Variables need to be set for the Argent Service to utilize Oracle Client Tools to connect to an Oracle Database, while these variables may be set for the user it may not be necessarily set for the System.

In Production Mode, the Argent Service account uses the System Environment Variables.


Ensure the PATH variables are set correctly and the Oracle Home path is defined.

Oracle requires a full system reboot is required after Installing Oracle Client Tools to ensure that all the System Environmental Variables are set.