KBI 310629 Relator Execution Goes To Pending Status On Using Shared Process In Argent for Oracle


Argent Advanced Technology 1308-A and prior


Monday, 5 Aug 2013


Relator execution in Argent for Oracle goes to pending status after executing normally for some time. This happens only with those Relators using shared Monitoring Engine process in Argent for Oracle

Technical Background

Argent AT provides two methods of executing tasks — this is configured on a per-Relator basis. A new process can be spawned for each task, or a shared process can be used when executing the task. These options are provided under ‘How To Run Monitoring Tasks‘ in each Relator as shown in screen shot below

Use Shared Monitoring Engine Process In Pool‘ option uses multithreading. But multithreading is not currently enabled in OCI used in Argent for Oracle. As a result, a Relator configured to run using a shared Monitoring Engine process in Argent for Oracle will not function normally


This issue will be addressed in future versions. A workaround is to avoid multithreading for Relator execution in Argent for Oracle. Instead, a new process for each monitoring task shall be used by selecting the option ‘Spawn New Monitor Engine Process