KBI 310630 Install AT Using SQL Server 2008 Mirroring


Argent Advanced Technology All versions


Wednesday, 7 Aug 2013


ODBC Driver ‘SQL Native Client‘ may not work with SQL Server 2008 mirroring. Install AT without mirroring first, then edit registry to add back SQL Server Mirroring

Technical Background

SQL Server 2008 provides updated ODBC Driver ‘SQL Native Client 10.0‘. It seems that the original ‘SQL Native Client‘ has difficulty in SQL Server 2008 mirroring. AT setup assumes ODBC driver ‘SQL Native Client‘ when mirroring is specified. It has been reported that ODBC error can be the result


Customers should install AT pointing SQL Server to the principle (active) SQL Server without specifying the mirror server

After installation is completed, take following manual steps:

  1. Stop all AT services
  2. For each installed product including Argent Console, edit registries:
    • SQLSERVER_DRIVER to ‘SQL Server Native Client 10.0
    • SQL_MIRROR_SERVER to the mirroring SQL Server
  3. Restart AT services